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1. Being or placed within; inner; interior; opposed to outward.

2. Seated in the mind, heart, spirit, or soul. Inward beauty.

3. Intimate; domestic; private. All my inward friends abhorred me. (job xix. 19) He had had occasion, by one very inward with him, to know in part the discourse of his life. (Sir P. Sidney)

Origin: as. Inweard, inneweard, innanweard, fr. Innan, inne, within (fr. In in; see in) _ the suffix -weard, E. -ward.

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Reasons why spontaneous human combustion is impossible?

... in your body has 37°C and must be heated up, which requires about 7 kJ, as I calculated above. 2) as you said, he burned from inside out, i.e. the inwards must burn first, thus it's not question of skin only. 3) I told you about the H+ leakage in brown adipose tissue. But that tissue is made to ...

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by JackBean
Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:01 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Reasons why spontaneous human combustion is impossible?
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Propagation of Action Potential

... action potential in neurons with these 5 phases :({1)Resting Potential 2)Threshold 3)Rising Phase 4)Falling Phase 5)Recovery} The currents flowing inwards at a point on the axon during an action potential spread out along the axon, and depolarize the adjacent sections of its membrane. If sufficiently ...

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by jackyM
Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:15 am
Forum: Human Biology
Topic: Propagation of Action Potential
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Extracellular domain or intracellular domain?

I spent quite a while thinking how to determine which parts of a protein face outward from the plasma membrane and which parts face inwards? How can I go about determining the intracellular domain and extracellular domain of a new protein? Can anyone please help? Many thanks in advance!

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by simpleton
Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:24 pm
Forum: Molecular Biology
Topic: Extracellular domain or intracellular domain?
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Re: DNA = Chromosome

... a feeling, a thought and an experience in those respective centres. Since there are 4 nitrogenous bases in the changing part of DNA (directed inwards) which make up the somes it is likely that the ancient Tibetan system of 4 centres and 24 circuits creating 96 spaces is correct.

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by sharan
Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:44 am
Forum: Genetics
Topic: DNA = Chromosome
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two questions conduction and RMP

... this makes the cell more negative right thus ultimately reaching the equilibrium potential for potassium of about -97mV..and if ions are flowing inwards this is making the cell more postive..if so are the potassium ions moving against their concentration gradient to enter the cell? Have I got ...

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by biology_06er
Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:36 am
Forum: Cell Biology
Topic: two questions conduction and RMP
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