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noun, plural: invesions

(general) The reversal of state, form, position, direction, order, or course, such as turning inward or inside out.

(meteorology) An atmospheric condition in which the air temperature increases with altitude; hence, resulting in the ground being colder than the surrounding air.

(geology) The folding back of strata upon themselves resulting in a seemingly order of succession.

(chemistry) The conversion of sucrose from dextrorotatory to levorotatory or vice versa.

(genetics) A defect in the chromosome in which a segment of the chromosome breaks off and reinserted in the same place but in the reverse direction relative to the rest of the chromosome. Inversions are of two types: paracentric inversion and pericentric inversion.

(anatomy) The movement of sole towards the median plane.

(zoology, psychology) (1) The switching from one sex to the opposite in certain animal species, (2) An outdated term fro homosexuality, especially popular during the early psychoanalysis.


Word origin: Latin inversiō, inversiōn-, from inversus, past participle of invertere: to invert.
Related forms: inverse (adjective), inverted (adjective), invert (verb).
Related phrases: chromosomal inversion (genetics), pericentric inversion (genetics), paracentric inversion (genetics), sexual inversion (psychology).
Synonym: eversion (general).

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