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The phase in the life cycle of a cell wherein the cell is not undergoing cell division (as compared to mitosis and meiosis)


In cell cycle, interphase is the period between two consecutive cell divisions, e.g. the interval between two mitoses (hence the name). Compared to mitosis, the interphase is generally longer in duration; it is comprised of three stages: G1, S phase, and G2. During interphase, the cell typically undergoes growth (i.e. increases in cell size) and makes a copy of the cell's DNA to prepare for the next cell division.

Word origin: inter (between) + phase (from phasis, appearance)


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Taqman probe design using FISH probe (need help)

... Probes for FISH need to be at least 1 kb long, to hybridize and "highlight" the target chromosomal DNA (metaphase chromosomes or interphase nuclei). Hydrolysis probes (such as Taqman) are very short and used in combination with other two oligonucleotides. the size of the amplicon ...

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Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:11 am
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If DNA residing in the cell is loosly packed DNA called chromatin, and if in the Interphase the chromatin replicates to prepare for mitosis, then it must be that when the chromatin replicated there were only 23 modules of DNA in the cell for it to replicate. Is ...

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Genetics with Mitosis and Meiosis

Actually, I'm only certain that the DNA is replicated during interphase, not necessarily S-phase. Interphase = G1 + S + G2 The law of independent assortment wouldn't apply to mitosis because the alleles aren't be separated (see above).

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by wildfunguy
Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:06 am
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Re: Unidirectional ORI, Onion-Skin-Model

... gene is present. A developmentally controlled origin of replication, located within each gene cluster, is programmed to fire 3–6 times during interphase within the 5 h of choriogenesis. The process shown in Fig. 13-1 usually produces a 32- to 64-fold amplification of the eggshell genes." ...

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Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:52 am
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Question about DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis

Look at the three stages of Interphase: G1 Stage, S Stage, and G2 Stage. The stages happen in this order, and occur after each stage is fully complete before moving to the next. The G1 stage is where DNA is checked for damage, and if there ...

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Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:27 pm
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