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(Science: cytokine) a hormone-like substance released by stimulated t lymphocytes, causes activation and differentiation of other t lymphocytes independently of antigen.

a type of interleukin, a chemical messenger, a substance that can improve the body's response to disease. It stimulates the growth of certain disease-fighting blood cells in the immune system.

It is secreted by Thl cd4 cells to stimulate CD8 cytotoxic t-1yrnphocytes. Interleukin 2 also increases the proliferation and maturation of the cd4 cells themselves. During hiv infection, interleukin-2 production gradually declines.

use of interleukin 2 therapy is under study as a way to raise cd4 cell counts and restore immune function.

Acronym: il-2

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Re: Cytokine - Receptor concepts

This is slightly out of my depth, but I can answer a few point that might help. There are usually more than one receptor for a type of interleukin on the cell surface, however some interleukins, when they are bound cause the cell to express more receptors of a particular type of interleukin, ...

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by Nataly56
Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:47 am
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Laboratory methods

... and Western blotting- not sure what they’re trying to extract and analyse here. Subcellular fractionation- Again, not too sure here. Effect of interleukin-6, IGF-I and BMSC on NVP-AEW541-induced growth inhibition- This is to see what effect these chemicals have on NVP-AEW541 In vitro kinase ...

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Cytokine - Receptor concepts

... my questions. Here i am asking about the binding of the cytokines to their receptors on the cell surface. I've faced with texts like for example interleukin-12 binds to its receptor on T cells and initiates a change in the cell performance. I want to know that: Is there a unique IL-12 receptor ...

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by Saham
Fri May 21, 2010 5:22 pm
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Re: bifunctional proteins

Bifunctional proteins, obtainable by genetic manipulation, composed of an interleukin-2 and a granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor constituent have the biological activity of both components but are distinguished by increased stability. These proteins ...

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Sometimes from the title like for X02532.1 it's "Human mRNA for interleukin 1 beta. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells", also, there is category SOURCE (in the sequence file, not at BLAST), but that is just the organism usually. So you will probably ...

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by JackBean
Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:44 am
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