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1. An innocent person; one free from, or unacquainted with, guilt or sin.

2. An unsophisticated person; hence, a child; a simpleton; an idiot. In Scotland a natural fool was called an innocent. (Sir W. Scott) Innocents' day, Childermas day.

1. Not harmful; free from that which can injure; innoxious; innocuous; harmless; as, an innocent medicine or remedy. The spear Sung innocent,and spent its force in air. (Pope)

2. Morally free from guilt; guiltless; not tainted with sin; pure; upright. To offer up a weak, poor, innocent lamb. (Shak) I have sinned in that i have betrayed the innocent blood. (Matt. Xxvii. 4) The aidless,innocent lady, his wished prey. (Milton)

3. Free from the guilt of a particular crime or offense; as, a man is innocent of the crime charged. Innocent from the great transgression. (Ps. Xix. 13)

4. Simple; artless; foolish.

5. Lawful; permitted; as, an innocent trade.

6. Not contraband; not subject to forfeiture; as, innocent goods carried to a belligerent nation. Innocent party,a party who has not notice of a fact tainting a litigated transaction with illegality.

Synonym: Harmless, innoxious, innoffensive, guiltless, spotless, immaculate, pure, unblamable, blameless, faultless, guileless, upright.

Origin: F.innocent, L. Innocens, -entis; pref. In- not _ nocens, p.pr. Of nocere to harm, hurt. See noxious.

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... that's the fun of Biology, it continues to surprise you (logarithmically!) as you dive deeper into it i.e. you get more specific. That was an innocent question indeed.

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biomedical engineering question

... to people, how someone can be making changes to another person's body from a distance without touching them. Using this technology, they killed an innocent man in hospital last year. Neither the doctors nor the police could stop the changes that were happening to his body. Are they are using very ...

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... How do you know that you are in love with someone or that someone genuinely loves you? How do you know that things like racism and the killing of innocent people are wrong? How can you verify scientifically that life is meaningful and worth getting up in the morning for? None of these things are ...

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... help here and there, and Down's syndrome help too - stop being so politically incorrect, especially in a genetics forum. I am sure it was just a innocent slip, right? :cry: if two copies of a gene were better than one because one copy would be just a backup, then having down syndrome would result ...

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Immortality == Cancer?

=) What you say seems like fantasy to me. Your question is innocent. But, let me tell you such a thing would most likely be impossible. We cannot make all our cells cancerous just because we may fancy immortality. Anyway, nice thought!

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Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:25 pm
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