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To hold back, curb, hinder, restrain, prohibit, or arrest; as in to inhibit an action.

(chemistry, biology)

To limit, prevent or block the action or function of; as in to inhibit an enzyme, or to inhibit a chemical reaction.


To suppress or restrain a behavior, an impulse, or a desire consciously or unconsciously.


Word origin: From Latin inhibere, inhibit-, "to hold in", "to check", "to restrain", from in-, + habere, "to have", "to hold".

Related forms: inhibits (simple present), inhibiting (present participle), inhibited (simple past), inhibition (noun), inhibitory (adjective).

Synonym: constrain, forbid, restrain, prevent, repress, suppress.

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... filovirus. In this study, PMO conjugated to arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptide (P-PMO) and nonconjugated PMO were assayed for the ability to inhibit EBOV infection in cell culture and in a mouse model of lethal EBOV infection. A 22-mer P-PMO designed to base pair with the translation start ...

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... can be completed while the tires are restful on your carrier, too. The motorized sully drukarnie internetowe neighbourhood drukarniadruk.co.pl inhibit a write down proper technicians simply present itself to your diggings or work. All they need is a splodge to greens tanie ulotki changeable ...

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When does gluconeogenesis kick in during physical activity?

... gives a lot of background on general gluconeogenesis, which is why I tagged it. And apparently, enzymes involved in glycogen transformation inhibit gluconeogenesis...or maybe it's intermediate products...

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experiences occur separately?

I've got it!!! Imagine an hypothetical experiment with a machine that induces a blindsight condition by inhibiting a mediating pathway, a pathway connecting the visual cortex to the centers for speech and higher cognition. First, there is firing in the visual cortex. After ...

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Do chromosomses ever get competitive?

Maybe I didn't get the right terms, by inhibit I meant suppress and the question is about dominant and recessive traits not genes.

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