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1. To take form; to become visible or manifest; to appear. It is the bloody business which informs thus to mine eyes. (Shak)

2. To give intelligence or information; to tell. He might either teach in the same manner,or inform how he had been taught. (Monthly Rev) to inform against, to communicate facts by way of accusation against; to denounce; as, two persons came to the magistrate, and informed against a.

1. To give form or share to; to give vital ororganising power to; to give life to; to imbue and actuate with vitality; to animate; to mold; to figure; to fashion. 'The informing word.' (Coleridge) Let others better mold the running mass Of metals, and inform the breathing brass. (Dryden) Breath informs this fleeting frame. (Prior) Breathes in our soul,informs our mortal part. (Pope)

2. To communicate knowledge to; to make known to; to acquaint; to advise; to instruct; to tell; to notify; to enlighten; usually followed by of. For he would learn their business secretly, And then inform his master hastily. (Spenser) I am informed thoroughky of the cause. (Shak)

3. To communicate a knowledge of facts to,by way of accusation; to warn against anybody. Tertullus . . . Informed the governor against Paul. (acts xxiv. 1)

Synonym: to acquaint, apprise, tell, teach, instruct, enlighten, animate, fashion.

Origin: oe. Enformen, OF. Enformer, f. Informer. L. Informare; pref. In- in _ formare to form, share, fr. Forma form. See form.

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