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1. The act of inflecting, or the state of being inflected.

2. A bend; a fold; a curve; a turn; a twist.

3. A slide, modulation, or accent of the voice; as, the rising and the falling inflection.

4. The variation or change which words undergo to mark case, gender, number, comparison, tense, person, mood, voice, etc.

5. Any change or modification in the pitch or tone of the voice. A departure from the monotone, or reciting note, in chanting.

6. (Science: optics) same as diffraction.

(Science: geometry) point of inflection, the point on opposite sides of which a curve bends in contrary ways.

Origin: L. Inflexio: cf. F. Inflexion. See Inflect

alternative forms: inflecxion.

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... something out. Have tried to replicate it voluntarily, but it doesn't seen to work that way. My guess is it's also got to do with the tone or inflection of the other peoples' voice? Perhaps it's an odd form of bonding with someone in a non-sexual, non-parental way? If they could bottle this ...

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... I hope this information will reach others that are facing a similar question. The 4-parameter logistic model equation assumes symmetry around the inflection point whereas the 5-parameter logistic model equation takes into account the asymmetry that is present in most bioassays including elisas. ...

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