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noun, plural: individuals

(1) Any distinct person, object, or concept within a collection.

(2) A single, separate organism (animal or plant) distinguished from others of a same kind.


(1) Of, relating to, or being an individual, e.g. pertaining to a single person, animal or thing as opposed to more than one within a unity (or a collection).

(2) By a single person, organism, or thing.

(3) Being a distinct entity.

(4) Pertaining to only one person.


Word origin: From Mediaeval Latin individualis < Latin individuum (“‘an indivisible thing’”), neut. of individuus (“‘indivisible, undivided’”) < in + dividuus (“‘divisible’”).
Related forms: individualism (noun)

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If 2 advantageous mutations (A and B) arise in a population, I understand that an individual with A could mate with a B mutant. Some of their offspring could have both mutations. In an example where these 2 mutations lie on the same chromosome at different loci, ...

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... for future reproduction. Evolutionarily, it will have made sense for an iteroparous animal to evolve semelparity. If some genetic change caused an individual to invest more in each brood for example, by laying more eggs for the case of the mayfly, then in a highly variable environment where the ...

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... to give a generalized idea idea. The more complex assembling-concept isn't related to slime molds, but what I was going for is a concept where the individual viruses would group up and attach via their tail fibers in order to change their density from gelatinous to a more elastic substance that ...

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... for the wolves. It's hard to get a size from the pictures, so that's not too useful. It LOOKS more like a wolf, but it also looks like the same individual, which might indicate a lone coyote.

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... intellectual capability of a person like talents, inclinations or inherited abilities. All that forms the dispositions and the personality of an individual comes solely from their growth. Best example to the contrary of what you are saying is when among twins one is right-handed and another is ...

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