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1. To lay on; to set or place; to put; to deposit. Cakes of salt and barley [she] did impose within a wicker basket. (Chapman)

2. To lay as a charge, burden, tax, duty, obligation, command, penalty, etc.; to enjoin; to levy; to inflict; as, to impose a toll or tribute. What fates impose, that men must needs abide. (Shak) Death is the penalty imposed. (Milton) Thou on the deep imposest nobler laws. (Waller)

3. To lay on, as the hands, in the religious rites of confirmation and ordination.

4. To arrange in proper order on a table of stone or metal and lock up in a chase for printing; said of columns or pages of type, forms, etc.

Origin: f. Imposer; pref. Im- in _ poser to place. See Pose.

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... viewing/sharing of your views, facts, etc. but you should also be ready to have your posts moderated. Otherwise, we will have to be strict and impose user ban accordingly. Admin

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... Over the generations, genes are repeatedly replicated, reshuffled, carried on and used in different combinations to make new blueprints that impose their construction plans on new matter and build new bodies. But these “blueprints” are also being replicated and replaced on an ongoing basis, ...

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... al., 1992). This could explain the lack of homologous recombination in this phage. Thus the vagaries of RNA replication in certain viruses could impose physical constraints on the production of hybrids. Template switching by the viral replicase, the mechanism whereby recombinant RNA molecules ...

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