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1. (Science: psychology) An unreal image presented to the bodily or mental vision; a deceptive appearance; a false show; mockery; hallucination. To cheat the eye with blear illusions. (Milton)

2. Hence: Anything agreeably fascinating and charning; enchantment; witchery; glamour. Ye soft illusions, dear deceits, arise! (Pope)

3. (Science: physiology) a sensation originated by some external object, but so modified as in any way to lead to an erroneous perception; as when the rolling of a wagon is mistaken for thunder.

Some modern writers distinguish between an illusion and hallucination, regarding the former as originating with some external object, and the latter as having no objective occasion whatever. Illusion refers particularly to errors of the sense, delusion to false hopes or deceptions of the mind. An optical deception is an illusion, a false opinion is a delusion.

Synonym: delusion, mockery, deception, chimera, fallacy.

Origin: f. Illusion, L. Illusio, fr. Illudere, illusum, to illude.

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I don't understand how non-determined free will is observable... And even if it were, how would you tell that it is NOT an illusion deriving from the fact that you are a conscious being? Being conscious means being able to look at yourself WHILE being you, unlike other animals who can ...

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Effects of variation in Flicker Fusion Thresholds (vision)

... in detail that comes with it. Old movies look clumsy, and sometimes the lower frame rate creates unintended visual effects that detract from the illusion and end up breaking the fourth wall. And now as we press the boundaries of what humans can even see, our videos are starting to look hyper- ...

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Love is an illusion?

Do you believe love is "just an illusion"? I read a few quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer and he believed so. Many of us seem to think of love as selfless and giving, but is it truly? Is the only purpose of love to propagate the survival ...

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Living in the Past

... due to having less neurons and information has less distance to travel, does it mean their perception of time is faster than ours giving the "illusion" of a sixth sense and seeing events before (to our brains) they have happened I understand that other things can come into play with this ...

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Re: Re:

For those people, I would ask the following: If you are in a room that has two one-way exits and you leave the room via one of them, can you ever be sure that you could have also taken the other exit? And if so, is there any way for you or anyone to prove that you genuinely had the chance to take t...

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