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1. The state or quality of being identical, or the same; sameness. Identity is a relation between our cognitions of a thing, not between things themselves. (Sir W. Hamilton)

2. The condition of being the same with something described or asserted, or of possessing a character claimed; as, to establish the identity of stolen goods.

3. (Science: mathematics) An identical equation.

Origin: f. Identite, LL. Identitas, fr. L. Idem the same, from the root of is he, that; cf. Skr. Idam this. Cf. Item.

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Biomerieux API anaerobe testing kit

... the isolates. If anybody has a code I would greatly appreciate it if they could look up the following codes and private message me with the identities; 67756026, 77756026, 66377773 and 76777773. I apologise that this is my first post on the forums, it is out of desperation. In order to write ...

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by ithyphallic
Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:08 pm
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Sequence analysis

... the gene and compare this with the amino acid sequences of known proteins (in a database). I has about 200 results of related proteins. The more identities and positives a protein of comparison has, the fewer gaps and the higher the score. Scores are reduced by mismatches and gaps in the best ...

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by TToe
Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:22 pm
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Determining (P) plants from F2 data

... plants were crossed in the same manner, to form F2 generation offspring. The task is to use the ears from these F2 individuals to figure out the identities of the origonal parental (P) plants. 1. What do you observe about the F2 corn ears. 2. Try to pick two types of characteristics which are ...

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by aiyana1228
Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:36 am
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... sequence searches via BLASTn: I have a subject sequence containing two HSPs with the following statistics Score = 276 bits (149), Expect = 4e-70 Identities = 149/149 (100%), Gaps = 0/149 (0%) Strand=Plus/Plus and... Score = 156 bits (84), Expect = 6e-34 Identities = 84/84 (100%), Gaps = 0/84 ...

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by verginov
Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:10 am
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Re: Brain size=IQ level theory (Blacks vs Whites & Asians)

... it was well documented that Lewontin had been wrong. Practically every analysis of genetic markers demonstrated the biological reality of racial identities. In one of them, conducted by Tang, Quertermous, and Rodriguez, et. al., in 2005, all except five of 3636 test subjects (including Asians, ...

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by Jenab6
Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:49 am
Forum: Human Biology
Topic: Brain size=IQ level theory (Blacks vs Whites & Asians)
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