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1. Existing in idea or thought; conceptional; intellectual; mental; as, ideal knowledge.

2. Reaching an imaginary standard of excellence; fit for a model; faultless; as, ideal beauty. There will always be a wide interval between practical and ideal excellence. (Rambler)

3. Existing in fancy or imagination only; visionary; unreal. Planning ideal common wealth.

4. Teaching the doctrine of idealism; as, the ideal theory or philosophy.

5. (Science: mathematics) imaginary.

Synonym: Intellectual, mental, visionary, fanciful, imaginary, unreal, impracticable, utopian.

Origin: L. Idealis: cf. F. Ideal.

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... should take all, or several, of these variables into account; however, published studies have not done so, despite claims to the contrary. The ideal sample is from subjects who have died suddenly without prior disease: while three such samples are on record for Europeans, none has been recorded ...

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My “Eureka” moment. A cure for cancer.

... it has recently occurred to me that there is still a prospect for a more customised version of my approach offering an admittedly less-than-ideal phase 2 treatment option even against many such normally-dividing abnormally-immortal cancers where the type H drugs comprise of a mixture of ...

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... has two ends therefore x2 = x2 Therefore there are 34 x10-15 moles of ends of vector Consider the Insert: Insert = 100 x 660 = 6.6 x 104 Daltons Ideal molar ratio 3:1 therefore x3 = (34 x10-15) x 3 = 102 x 10-15 Moles of Insert Given: Moles = Mass/MW … Therefore… 102 x 10-15 = Mass / 6.6 x 104 ...

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holographic origin of life

... of daphnia is that they are almost transparent, and their internal organs can be easily observed while working. These characteristics makes them ideal candidates for the following experiment. If a living organism is a sum of chemical reactions, then the components of food intake are the first ...

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... thing about plasmodial slime molds is that the millions of nuclei in a single plasmodium all divide at the same time. This makes slime molds ideal tools for scientists studying mitosis, the process of nuclear division. Occasionally, during rainy periods, large plasmodia (up to a few meters ...

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