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1. Water or other fluid frozen or reduced to the solid state by cold; frozen water. It is a white or transparent colourless substance, crystalline, brittle, and viscoidal. Its specific gravity (0.92, that of water at 4 deg c. Being 1.0) being less than that of water, ice floats.

water freezes at 32 deg f. Or 0 deg Cent, and ice melts at the same temperature. Ice owes its cooling properties to the large amount of heat required to melt it.

2. Concreted sugar.

3. Water, cream, custard, etc, sweetened, flavored, and artificially frozen.

4. Any substance having the appearance of ice; as, camphor ice. Anchor ice, ice which sometimes forms about stones and other objects at the bottom of running or other water, and is thus attached or anchored to the ground. Bay ice, ice formed in bays, fiords, etc, often in extensive fields which drift out to sea. Ground ice, anchor ice.

(Science: obstetrics) ice age, a variety of feldspar, the crystals of which are very clear like ice; rhyacolite. Ice tongs, large iron nippers for handling ice. Ice water. Water cooled by ice. Water formed by the melting of ice. Ice yacht. See ice boat (above). To break the ice. See break. Water ice, a confection consisting of water sweetened, flavored, and frozen.

Origin: oe. Is, IIs, as. Is; aksin to D. Ijs, g. Eis, OHG. Is, Icel. Iss, Sw. Is, dan. Iis, and perh. To E. Iron.

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