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Having a greater degree of tone or tension.

Having a higher osmotic pressure in a fluid relative to another fluid.

Of or pertaining to a solution (e.g. extracelllular fluid) with higher solute concentration compared with another. (see: hypotonic, isotonic). For example, if the extracellular fluid has greater amounts of solutes than the cytoplasm, the extracellular fluid is said to be hypertonic.


A cell placed in a highly concentrated solution will result in the water molecules diffusing out of the cell. Eventually, the cell will shrink. It should be noted, however, that not all cells in a hypertonic solution will shrink. The cells have ways to circumvent hypertonicity (see osmoregulation).

Related forms: hypertonicity (noun).
Compare: hypotonic, isotonic.
See also: tonicity, osmotic pressure, solution, solute, concentration gradient.

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Tonicity Explanation

... water across a semipermeable membrane. There are three classifications of tonicness that one solution can have relative to another. The three are hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic.

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... explanation on water and solutes. I know the water and solutes move from high concentrations to low. I need good definitions and examples about hypertonic solutions, hypotonic, and osmosis. It is a little confusing to me and it would be nice if you can explain to me how they work and if they ...

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Question! Please Help!

... contamination by microorganisms? a)High salt concentrations raise the pH, thus inhibiting the process of glycolysis. b)Bacteria can't survive in a hypertonic solution because they lose water. c)Bacterial cell walls are shriveled up by salt, causing the cell to burst. d)High salt concentrations ...

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Re: Incipient Plasmolysis

... a particular cell is at incipient plasmolysis. what we do is that we count the cells in a particular portion of plant tissue. we expose this to a hypertonic solution. when 50% of the cells of the tissue is plasmolyzed, it is at incipient plasmolysis. At that point, osmotic potential of the cells ...

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Re: Cell Permability

... molecules to lower conc of solvent molecules across semi permeable membrane. hypotonic solution- solution having low conc of solute molecule. hypertonic solution- solution having high conc. of solute molecule. blood cells have low osmotic potential while water injected has high osmotic potential. ...

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