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(1) Of, or pertaining to an individual (or a condition in a cell or an organism) containing two copies of the same allele for a particular trait located at similar positions (loci) on paired chromosomes (see homologous chromosomes).

(2) Having two identical alleles that code for the same trait.


A ‘homozygous’ organism for a particular trait is described to possess either a pair of dominant alleles (e.g. AA) or a pair of recessive alleles (e.g. aa).

Word origin: G. ‘homo’ meaning ‘same’ + zygous, which pertains to a zygote.

Related forms: homozygosity (noun).
Related phrases: homozygous recessive, homozygous dominant.

Compare: heterozygous.
See also: allele.

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... recessive pattern? Can you not have, if it is autosomal dominant, each affected individual as heterozygous and each unaffected individual homozygous recessive; and if it is autosomal recessive you reverse it so that each affected individual is homozygous recessive and each unaffected individual ...

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Need an help about Drosophila genetics

... have 4 chromosomes: 2 and 3 are useful for genetics. For each chromosomes there are two copies just like in humans: 2nd chromosome: UAS-UPRT is homozygous 3rd Chromosome: One chromosomes carries Repo. The other carries a marker TM6 which gives flies short bristles. You are starting from: 2nd ...

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Re: I need help with Punnett Square

The fly been double homozygous the wild type most likely would have had a ratio of around 3:1 for the offspring. No. All of the offspring would have been wild type. The rest of your answer is correct. F0: cross female (Female: BW) ...

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I need help with Punnett Square

... Female: + 4982 0.4980 1.000 Male: + 5023 0.5020 1.008 Total 10005 then I Designed a male fly with brown eye (BW) color AND ebony body (E) color (homozygous recessive for both traits), then test cross this fly with an F1 wild-type female fly from the above cross. Results of Cross #2 Parents (Female: ...

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unbalanced gender ratios of offspring

... females reduces genetic diversity in comparison to several males producing with several females. If we take a genetic example: One male - TT (homozygous dominant) Breeding with several females lets say they're all Tt. Production: TT x Tt - 2 possibilities However an array of males TT, Tt, ...

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