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The species group of bipedal hominins characterized by having higher and vertical forehead, brain volume of about 1,400 cc, smaller teeth and jaw, and prominent chin relative to earlier hominins. They are also identified as hominins that created and used more complex tools, solved problems through sense and reasoning, used symbols and language, created complex social structures, and showed in due course behavioral modernity following many years of existence.


Homo sapiens are thought to have originated from Africa and then moved and populated different parts of the world, especially Asia (out of Africa model). Another contrasting theory is the thought that these hominins existed independently in many regions of the world (multiregional hypothesis).

The subspecies of Homo sapiens include Homo sapiens sapiens (the only remaining extant subspecies) and Homo sapiens idaltu. Others consider Neanderthals to be a subspecies of Homo sapiens and they refer to them as Homo sapiens neanderthalis.

Word origin: Latin homo (human being, man) + sapiens (wise, sensible, judicious)

Abbreviation: H. sapiens

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