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in general, to keep one's self in a given position or condition; to remain fixed. Hence:

1. Not to more; to halt; to stop;-mostly in the imperative. And damned be him that first cries, Hold, enough!' (Shak)

2. Not to give way; not to part or become separated; to remain unbroken or unsubdued. Our force by land hath nobly held. (Shak)

3. Not to fail or be found wanting; to continue; to last; to endure a test or trial; to abide; to persist. While our obedience holds. (Milton) The rule holds in land as all other commodities. (Locke)

4. Not to fall away, desert, or prove recreant; to remain attached; to cleave;-often with with, to, or for. He will hold to the one and despise the other. (Matt. Vi. 24)

5. To restrain one's self; to refrain. His dauntless heart would fain have held From weeping, but his eyes rebelled. (Dryden)

6. To derive right or title; generally with of. My crown is absolute, and holds of none. (Dryden) His imagination holds immediately from nature. (Hazlitt) hold on! Hold up! wait; stop; forbear. To hold forth, to speak in public; to harangue; to preach. To hold in, to restrain one's self; as, he wanted to laugh and could hardly hold in. To hold off, to keep at a distance. To hold on, to keep fast hold; to continue; to go on. The trade held on for many years, . To hold out, to last; to endure; to continue; to maintain one's self; not to yield or give way. To hold over, to remain in office, possession, etc, beyond a certain date. To hold to or with, to take sides with, as a person or opinion. To hold together, to be joined; not to separate; to remain in union. . To hold up. To support one's self; to remain unbent or unbroken; as, to hold up under misfortunes. To cease raining; to cease to stop; as, it holds up. To keep up; not to fall behind; not to lose ground.

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