1. (Science: zoology) a quadruped of the genus Sus, and allied genera of Suidae; especially, the domesticated varieties of s. Scrofa, kept for their fat and meat, called, respectively, lard and pork; swine; porker; specifically, a castrated boar; a barrow.

The domestic hogs of Siam, china, and parts of southern Europe, are thought to have been derived from Sus Indicus.

2. A mean, filthy, or gluttonous fellow.

3. A young sheep that has not been shorn.

4. A rough, flat scrubbing broom for scrubbing a ships bottom under water.

5. (paper Manuf) a device for mixing and stirring the pulp of which paper is made. Bush hog, ground hog, etc. See bush, ground, etc. Hog caterpillar, the axis deer.

(Science: botany) hog gum see Capybara.

Origin: Prob. Akin to E. Hack to cut, and meaning orig, a castrated boar; cf. Also W. Hwch swine, sow, Armor. Houc'h, hoc'h. Cf. Haggis, Hogget, and Hoggerel.

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