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1. A natural elevation of land, or a mass of earth rising above the common level of the surrounding land; an eminence less than a mountain. Every mountain and hill shall be made low. (Is. Xl. 4)

2. The earth raised about the roots of a plant or cluster of plants. See hill.

3. A single cluster or group of plants growing close together, and having the earth heaped up about them; as, a hill of corn or potatoes. Hill ant, one of numerous species of small Asiatic singing birds of the family Leiotrichidae. Many are beautifully coloured.

Origin: oe. Hil, hul, as. Hyll; akin to od. Hille, hil, L. Collis, and prob. To E. Haulm, holm, and column. Cf. 2d holm.

to surround with earth; to heap or draw earth around or upon; as, to hill corn. Showing them how to plant and hill it. (Palfrey)

Origin: Hilled; hilling.

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... of the creature is based entirely on the environment, and the changes in the environment are completely random, there should be no gradual up-hill evolutionary climb (mt. improbable). Becuase 'benificial' will just as likely mean going back down the hill as climbing up the hill. I hope I don't ...

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Here's what Matthew G Hill from the Archaeology department at Iowa State University said: Nice specimen. It’s an axis vertebra (that is, the second cervical) from a bison.

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... genetically determined underlying disorder. The study, led by a pediatrician and medical geneticist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, found such disorders accounting for more than two-thirds of all children admitted to a large full-service pediatric hospital over a one-year period. ...

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... us to realize the strength of the antigravity acting on us. And the way that gravity pulled us up from the ground and given the fact that the down hill gravity pulling us down we managed to separate good from evil. Actually we created good from all the evil that happened to us as tragedies to understand ...

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