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(1) Of, or pertaining to an individual (or a condition in a cell or an organism) containing two different alleles for a particular trait.

(2) Having dissimilar alleles that code for the same gene or trait.


Example: a zygote having one dominant allele and one recessive allele, i.e. Aa, for a particular trait.

Word origin: G. h├ęteros the other of two, other, different + zygous, which pertains to a zygote.

Related forms: heterozygosity (noun).
Related phrases: heterozygous recessive, heterozygous dominant.

Compare: homozygous.
See also: allele.

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... this is an autosomal dominant or an autosomal recessive pattern? Can you not have, if it is autosomal dominant, each affected individual as heterozygous and each unaffected individual homozygous recessive; and if it is autosomal recessive you reverse it so that each affected individual is ...

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... offspring resulting from this testcross? Based on this phenotypic ratio, determine whether the F1 wild-type female was double homozygous or double heterozygous for the eye color and body color alleles. Explain your answer, including the Punnett square for these results. Show a Punnett Square that ...

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Do chromosomses ever get competitive?

... in heterozygotes, so heterozygotes are less fit than homozygotes. Since natural selection can only select against alleles, not genotypes, the heterozygous genotype persists. Then, in comes a new gene from somewhere else in the genome. It produces protein product "C". Suppose that, ...

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... BA/ba (albino), b+/ba (brown) So in the crossover, since crossover was done in between the two alleles, 100+34/200= 67amu. (wrong) Consider heterozygous parent contribution (second parental allele pair is ba): Parent allele pairs are B+ (black) and ba (white). Cross-over allele pairs are ...

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... However with regards to your question I believe Rhesus negative is controlled by a recessive gene. Therefore your parents are likely to be heterozygous for Rh+. By chance you have seemed to have received two Rh- genes from your parents, one from each. As a result your parents can be phenotypically ...

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