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(1) An organism (plant or animal) having both male and female reproductive organs.

(2) An organism having both male and female organs, therefore, is capable of producing both male and female gametes.


A plant hermaphrodite for instance has both staminate and carpellate organs. In animals such as some pulmonate and opisthrobranch snails and slugs can act as either the male or female in a sexual reproduction. In humans, the term is used to describe an individual possessing both male and female organs. However, that individual may not be considered a true case of hermaphroditism since usually one of the two gonads present may not be functional. A true hermaphrodite refers to an individual in which both gonads are functional.

Hermaphrodites may be:

Word origin: comes from the name of the minor Greek god Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes and Aphrodite

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Hermaphrodite Reproduction

Hi everyone! During a conversation I was having with a few classmates, the question of a human hermaphrodite impregnating his/herself came up. With minimal research we came to the conclusion that it would be exceedingly rare- the wiki on true hermaphroditism even states ...

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Sexual reproduction with only one sex?

... and "female" reproductive organs, but there aren't "male" and "female" earthworms, there's just the one sex: hermaphrodite. I assume that since they have two different sex organisms, that the gamete from the male reproductive organ has a different form than ...

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2 Questions about Evolution and Genetics

... only one died suddenly some time between 1,000 and 10,000 years ago and the person who survived is our ancestor (by the way, this person must be hermaphrodite :D ). It's obvious that they don't want to mention this. So, what am I missing? Could you explain what they aim to mean with this passage?

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Origin Of Male/Female Gender

... organisms like Volvox and C.Elegans where the cells that exists in the colony or organism are both male and female at the same time, a hermaphrodite. They can become fully one sex or the other by either male or female side being switched off. Volvox is a Chlorophyte, or green alga. ...

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please help me with an essay about hermaphrodites

Hey, I've to do an essay about hermaphrodites. We have five questions to put into that essay and answer it. I already have the first and last. 1) What is a hermaphrodite. 5) How does a hermaphrodite animal reproduce? I now need THREE questions ...

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