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(Science: ornithology) The female of the domestic fowl; also, the female of grouse, pheasants, or any kind of birds; as, the heath hen; the gray hen.

Used adjectively or in combination to indicate the female; as, hen canary, hen eagle, hen turkey, peahen. Hen clam.

One of several species of large hawks which capture hens; especially, the American red-tailed hawk (Buteo borealis), the red-shouldered hawk (B. Lineatus), and the goshawk.

Origin: as. Henn, hen, haen; akin to D. Hen, OHG. Henna, g. Henne, Icel. Hna, dan. Hona; the fem. Corresponding to as. Hana cock, D. Haan, OHG. Hano, g. Hahn, Icel. Hani, dan. & Sw. Hane. Prob. Akin to L. Canere to sing, and orig. Meaning, a singer. Cf. Chanticleer.

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Where did you get it will become fertile male? Do you have any publications in support? ...When the dormant, right-side gonad is switched on, it develops into a male sex organ called an ovotestis. Scientists have found that an ovotestis will produce sperm and this sexually ...

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... any female mammals fight over a male. Chickens might. They have a pecking order and fight to be the top of that, but I am not sure whether the top hen is always the cockerels favourite. We seem to be about the only species where females get jealous of other females stealing their male. Very odd!

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... comb by A--bb, and single comb by aabb. If you were given a rooster with a walnut comb, known to be heterozygous for both genes, and a rose-comb hen from a true-breeding strain, what cross or crosses, and how many generations, would it take to obtain true-breeding peacomb poultry? #2The autosomal ...

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... and there are plenty of convincing examples of traits that females consider to be representative of genetic quality. For example, the peacock. When a hen sees a magnificent peacock strutting about, she must think (not that I'm implying that a lot of thought is actually involved): my, my, this ...

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What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

i think that all cell coming together and then it fused and hen is comes then reproduce and egg willl comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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