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Helix turn helix

Helix turn helix

(Science: molecular biology) a motif associated with transcription factors, allowing them to bind to and recognise specific dna sequences. Two amphipathic _ helices are separated by a short sequence with a _ sheet. One helix lies across the major groove of the dna, while the recognition helix enters the major groove and interacts with specific bases. An example in drosophila is the homeotic gene fushi tarazu, that binds to the sequence TCAATTAAATGA. Not the same as helix loop helix.

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What exactly is a non-integral repeat in an alpha helix and how does it arise? I was doing a question: An a helix is a form of protein secondary structure with 3.6 residues per turn of helix. The non-integral repeat arises because it: a) allows the formation of base ...

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... them grow? Perhaps there is something else that happens when the double helix is formed. We can observe the creation or forming of a physical body ... with its hardware brain and mechanical chip and still nothing happens. Turn the switch and allow power to enter the system and we can watch it grow, ...

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... The peptide sequence ALEPTWFEHDKFVADKFVA : a) could not form an alpha-helix b) could form an alpha-helix c) could partially form an alpha-helix ... protein structure is van der Waals interactions. 2. _true_____ Reverse turns are stabilized by a single ionic bond between the R-groups of the first ...

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DNA structure questions (simple)

... sure I was reading the questions properly. The twist of a DNA double helix corresponds to the angular rotation that is needed to get from one ... idealized DNA molecule, calculate the number of base pairs per complete turn in a double helix, and the pitch (the width of one complete helix turn ...

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Re: Hair and DNA

... is the portion of the hair that contains actual living cells which, in turn, contain nDNA. There are many different extraction protocols to extract ... type of DNA called mtDNA. Contrasting from nuclear DNA that is a double-helix, mtDNA is circular. It is very compact and has a coding region and ...

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