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(Science: cell culture, oncology) Referring to cells of the first continuously cultured (human cervical) carcinoma strain.

An established line of human epithelial cells derived from a cervical caracinoma (from a black American woman called Henrietta lacks). In fact the cellular biomass now considerably exceeds that of Henrietta herself !

These cells are used for virus cultivation and antitumour drug screening assays.

Origin: Henrietta lacks (d. 1951).

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... but doesn't the 28S denature if you heat it shortly before running the analysis? Or does it de-denature quickly afterwards? (It's rRNA from HeLa cells, and I found an example on the internet showing Raji cells with a 28S/18S ratio of 2,7 and a 28S band size of 3900/4000 nt, so I figured ...

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Idea to determine order of assembly of spliceosome

... of pre-mRNA 4. Run agarose-gel where I can identify and roughly determine the size of my marked RNA 5. Add RNA to mammalian cell extracts, e.g. HeLa 6. While the RNA undergoes maturing, I collect samples with regular intervals of time 7. Use phenol to extract proteins from each sample 8. Run ...

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Immortality == Cancer?

... Isn't the reason only because they are uncontrollable? I was honestly wondering why biologist don't take a different approach. I was looking into HeLa cells and how they are immortal. Feed them, they live on. They don't "age" at all and they never reach a hayflick limit. I mean, wouldn't ...

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He-La cells - why so special?

Indeed, HeLa cell have been reported to contaminate even some commercially available cell lines, and probably contaminate many cell lines where researchers do not even know they are contaminated. I do not know how extensive this ...

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Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:37 am
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He-La cells - why so special?

... when reading the popular press to get the 'full science' of something, so am most grateful to you. I also read in passing that in some respects HeLa is now considered akin to Japanese Knotweed, in that it can be an unwanted contaminant of other cell lines.

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by Julie5
Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:48 am
Forum: Cell Biology
Topic: He-La cells - why so special?
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