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Hdl --> high density lipoprotein

(Science: biochemistry) These lipoproteins acts to carry cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Raised high density lipoprotein levels have been correlated with a lower risk for heart disease. Less than 35 mg/dl is considered a positive risk factor for coronary artery disease, over 60 mg/dl is considered a negative risk factor (reduces your risk of heart disease).

recent studies show a low high density lipoprotein level is the strongest predictor of cardiovascular death in women.

Acronym: hdl

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apolipoprotein in HDL

Hi all I'm not a bio major so I don't know about proteins and lipids as much as you guys do. My question is about apolipoproteins in HDL. I know that apoA1 is the most abundant apolipoprotein species in HDL but is there apoA1 in LDL or VLDL as well? If there is, do they share the same exact ...

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Cholesterol, HDL, Fibrous Plaques

... a fibrous cap is formed, are the macrophages or whatever other cholesterol accumulating cells/things there may be in the plaques still exposed to HDL for cholesterol efflux? Or can HDL no longer 'pull cholesterol out' at this point? The reading & viewing I have done on this: http://www.merckmanuals.com/professional/sec07/ch072/ch072b.html#sec07-ch072-ch072b-477 ...

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Re: Why do women live longer than men?

... estrogen levels. Estrogen tends to increase immune system activity, whereas testosterone can dampen it. Also, estrogen causes women to have more HDL (good) cholesterol and less LDL (bad) cholesterol than men on average, which decreases their risk for heart disease and stroke. However, engaging ...

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Some questions about Lipids...

... sole saturated fatty acids are not good for health, but I don't think there is any food that solely consisted of saturated fat. Remember LDL and HDL? Check it out on HDL for more information.

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Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:39 pm
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Insulin resistance and LDL/HDL

Hi there, I'm currently reading about how diabetes leads to CVD via increase LDL/lowered HDL but everywhere I look it doesn't excatly say HOW insulin resistance leads to this....one point I can think of is that ppl with diabetes esp type 2 tend to be overweight thus ...

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by biology_06er
Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:35 am
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