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1. The gathering of a crop of any kind; the ingathering of the crops; also, the season of gathering grain and fruits, late summer or early autumn. Seedtime and harvest . . . Shall not cease. (gen viii. 22) At harvest, when corn is ripe. (Tyndale)

2. That which is reaped or ready to be reaped or gathed; a crop, as of grain (wheat, maize, etc), or fruit. Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. (Joel III. 13) To glean the broken ears after the man That the main harvest reaps. (Shak)

3. The product or result of any exertion or labour; gain; reward. The popes principal harvest was in the jubilee. (Fuller) The harvest of a quiet eye. (Wordsworth) harvest fish see daddy longlegs.

Origin: oe. Harvest, hervest, as. Haerfest autumn; akin to LG. Harfst, D. Herfst, OHG. Herbist, g. Herbst, and prob. To L. Carpere to pluck, gr. Fruit.

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