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Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium



A principle stating that both allele and genotype frequencies in a randomly-mating population remain constant – and remain in this equilibrium across generations -- unless a disturbing influence is introduced.


For instance, a population containing the genotypes AA, aa and Aa, the frequency of AA will always be p2, aa will be q2, and Aa will be 2pq at equilibrium, where the p is the frequency of A and q is the frequency of a.

Deviation from Hardy-Weinberg principle indicates evolution of species. Examples of disturbing influences include non-random mating, mutations, selection, limited population size, random genetic drift and gene flow.

Word origin: named after G. H. Hardy and Wilhelm Weinberg.

Abbreviation: HWE

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  • Basically, The Hardy-Weinberg equation is concerned with the genetics of populations and that random mating occurs.


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