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Hairs in plants grow from epidermal cells and are involved in transpiration. Some hairs can be found in plant roots and actively absorb water while others are capable of secretion. Sometimes a network of hairs on the outer layer of plants allow a reduced rate of transpiration, as water gets trapped between the plants and hairs, effectively reducing the water concentration difference between the plants internal Environment and its immediate external environment.

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... some fad that will fade out after all the rich people have their blonde hair and blue eyes. On an evolutionary timescale, it will cause an explosion ... for a mutation. This allowed the development of large and long-lived plants and animals, which would have taken trillions of years to evolve if ...

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by Rap
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fiber/hair moving thru water

In some people, the reason their hair moves is because there are alternative cellular energy pigments attached to their ... The alternative cellular energy pigment pathway is similar to photosynthesis in plants. Alternative cellular energy pigments are also known as ace pigments.

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Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:12 am
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Re: Sound and how the brain reacts to it

... a similar, but not quite the same, sensation when someone brushes my hair. These sounds in particular lead to this response: - Someone turning ... person eating an apple, pear, or peach - Someone tending to houseplants (snipping dead growth, spritzing and watering) - Someone gently using ...

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Biology HW help

... I'm going to mark my answer with a (X) 1. Week 7 Q. 1 (Points: 5) Pea plants were particularly well suited for use in Mendel's breeding experiments ... 5) A couple has three children, all of whom have brown eyes and blond hair. Both parents are homozygous for brown eyes (BB), but one is a blond ...

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... for that fell outside the original population's range for bristle hair number. This is a quanitative trait, determined by multiple genes. Another ... in the Galapagos islands. During a period of drought, small-seed plants began to dominate the flora and there was selective pressure for reduced ...

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