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1. Customary way of speaking or acting; custom; fashion; manner; behavior; mien; mode; practice; often used formerly in such phrases as: at his own guise; that is, in his own fashion, to suit himself. The swain replied, It never was our guise to slight the poor, or aught humane despise.' (Pope)

2. External appearance in manner or dress; appropriate indication or expression; garb; shape. As then the guise was for each gentle swain. (Spenser) A . . . Specter, in a far more terrific guise than any which ever yet have overpowered the imagination. (Burke)

3. Cover; cloak; as, under the guise of patriotism.

Origin: oe. Guise, gise, way, manner, f. Guise, fr. OHG. Wisa, g. Weise. See wise.

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... though some of their statements may be, wear their philosophy/religion on their sleeves. You though, are trying to camouflage yours under the guise of science. That is not a very stable foundation. Now there are invariably fundamentalist diehards who despite all the evidence to the contrary ...

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Possible Cure for Cancer

... diseases (infectious, mental or cancerous), not like those unnatural drugs given to you by those murderer MD. So the peddling of pills under the guise of lifestyle advices (I removed the link to a commercial site selling the best multivitamins you can get... according to itself) is just worthy ...

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Re: Biology is not a science

Gamila, I must say that you have mastered the art of rhetoric, you should be a politician as you write a lot but say very little. Under the guise of fancy speak with such terms as circular(Which you over use), you try to dazzle us with with BS rather than any real content. I am amazed at the ...

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... not obfuscation, verbiage and posing. On the 26th of october 2005 you said (using the name tamtam for the first time after having posted under the guise of gaiapacha and forum): That cellulose type fibers move on its own is because it are micro organisms that go dormant (pseudo apoptotic) In particular ...

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The Fiber Disease

... evidence! I would say this is three fold. It may just come down to Environmental, ecological, evolutionary terrorists with a bioweapon kick in the guise of National Security. When disciplines have been crossed we are talking more than one dept. But, who and what makes it all work? World view, top ...

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