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A purine nucleoside that has guanine bound to a ribose sugar.


Guanosine may become guanosine monophosphate (GMP), guanosine diphosphate (GDP) or guanosine triphosphate (GTP) through phosphorylation.

Word origin: guano- from guanine + ribo- from ribose + -ine.

Molecular formula: C10H13N5O5

Synonym: guanine riboside.
Compare: deoxyguanosine.
See also: nucleoside.

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Sequencing Primers

... size. It is similar to restriction mapping. However, the bases do not need to be known. Dimethylsulfate is used to determine purines (G and A). Guanosine is affected more than Adenosine and gel bands appear darker on a gel. Hydrazine works for pyrimidines (C and T). Only Cystine bases are cleaved ...

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I need answers to the following questions...

... twice the cytoplasm and the same amount of DNA as the G1 parent cell 3. DNA is composed of four nucleosides: adenosine, cytidine, thymidine, and guanosine. If scientists introduced radioactive thymidine into the growth medium of the cells, it would be incorporated into the DNA molecule __________. ...

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... -pentose sugar -phosphate grp -nitrogen base...... forms d bckbone of d dna's doble helix......... nucleosides......u hv fr eg- adenosine,guanosine....n ol.....dey r basically sugars attchd to bases........ dunno abt dideoxynucleosides.......bt deoxynucleosides r nthng bt sugar structrs ...

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The Fiber Disease

... The process of translation requires transfer RNAs specific for individual amino acids with the amino acids covalently attached to them, guanosine triphosphate as an energy source, and a number of translation factors. tRNAs have anticodons complementary to the codons in mRNA and can be ...

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ATP and GTP..what's the difference?

... agree that BioChem is put inside the molecular bio I wanna ask something. What are the differences between ATP (Adhenosine triphospate) and GTP (Guanosine triphosphate)? is there any different function of these two?

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