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1. Having the colour of grass when fresh and growing; resembling that colour of the solar spectrum which is between the yellow and the blue; verdant; emerald.

2. Having a sickly colour; wan. To look so green and pale. (Shak)

3. Full of life aud vigor; fresh and vigorous; new; recent; as, a green manhood; a green wound. As valid against such an old and beneficent government as against . . . The greenest usurpation. (Burke)

4. Not ripe; immature; not fully grown or ripened; as, green fruit, corn, vegetables, etc.

5. Not roasted; half raw. We say the meat is green when half roasted. (L. Watts)

6. Immature in age or experience; young; raw; not trained; awkward; as, green in years or judgment. I might be angry with the officious zeal which supposes that its green conceptions can instruct my gray hairs. (Sir W. Scott)

7. Not seasoned; not dry; containing its natural juices; as, green wood, timber, etc.

(Science: botany) green brier, a common European woodpecker (picus viridis); called also yaffle.

Origin: oe. Grene, as. Gr?ne; akin to D. Groen, os. Gr?ni, OHG. Gruoni, g. Gr?n, dan. & Sw. Gr?n, Icel. Gr?nn; fr. The root of E. Grow. See grow.

1. The colour of growing plants; the colour of the solar spectrum intermediate between the yellow and the b c5c lue.

2. A grassy plain or plat; a piece of ground covered with verdant herbage; as, the village green. O'er the smooth enameled green. (Milton)

3. Fresh leaves or branches of trees or other plants; wreaths; usually in the plural. In that soft season when descending showers Call forth the greens, and wake the rising flowers. (Pope)

4. Leaves and stems of young plants, as spinach, beets, etc, which in their green state are boiled for food.

5. Any substance or pigment of a green colour.

(Science: chemistry) alkali green, a green pigment, consisting essentially of a hydrous arsenite of copper; called also swedish green. It may enter into various pigments called parrot green, pickel green, Brunswick green, nereid green, or emerald green.

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