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Glycine-rich beta-glycoproteinase

Glycine-rich beta-glycoproteinase --> properdin factor d

(Science: enzyme) a serum protein which during the alternate pathway of complement activation converts the inactive properdin factor b to c3 convertase.

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Re: how to memorize the amino acid

... us. Look on the amino acids as on derivatives of alanine, instead of glycine. Glycine is of course an exception. Proline as well, since it is ... etc. Thus it must have alpha-carbon (the one between NH2 and COOH), beta, gamma, delta and epsilon and then there is the other NH2. Arginine ...

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by JackBean
Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:52 am
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Topic: how to memorize the amino acid
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Protein bonding(antigens)

... gly-gly-ser-ala is the primary structure for a polypeptide composed of glycine, glycine, serine, and alanine, in that order, from the N-terminal ... two main secondary structures are the alpha helix and the anti-parallel beta-pleated sheet. There are other periodic conformations, but the α-helix ...

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by biobitch
Tue May 25, 2010 4:37 am
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Re: Any SOLID arguments against evolution?

... is a tetramer composed of 4 globin molecules; 2 alpha globins and 2 beta globins. The alpha globin chain is composed of 141 amino acids and the ... molecule. A total of 287 amino acids plus the 4 heme molecules. Glycine is one of the smallest organic aa's and it has 10 atoms. So it's ...

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by AFJ
Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:19 am
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Re: biochemistry for dummies (me, that is...)

... for peptides and proteins. The side chains ionize independently of the beta-amino and alpha-carboxy groups, when the side chains are ionizable, ... example the pI of Aspartic acid (an acidic side chain) is 2.97, and for Glycine (whose side chain is a hydrogen atom) is 5.97 and for the basic amino ...

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by blcr11
Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:39 pm
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The Fiber Disease

... introduced into the forage legume plant Astragalus sinicus or soybean ( Glycine max), using Agrobacterium rhizogenes strains DC-AR2 or K599, respectively. ... there is interaction of the tobacco ASA2 alpha-subunit with the soybean beta-subunit to form an active enzyme. Soybean hairy roots that ...

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by Nadas Moksha
Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:50 am
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Topic: The Fiber Disease
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