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to join with glue or a viscous substance; to cause to stick or hold fast, as if with glue; to fix or fasten. This cold, congealed blood That glues my lips, and will not let me speak. (Shak)

Origin: f. Gluer. See glue.

a hard brittle brownish gelatin, obtained by boiling to a jelly the skins, hoofs, etc, of animals. When gently heated with water, it becomes viscid and tenaceous, and is used as a cement for uniting substances. The name is also given to other adhesive or viscous substances. Bee glue. See bee. Fish glue, a strong kind of glue obtained from fish skins and bladders; isinglass.

(Science: botany) glue plant, a fucoid seaweed (Gloiopeltis tenax). Liquid glue, a fluid preparation of glue and acetic acid oralcohol. Marine glue, a solution of caoutchouc in naphtha, with shellac, used in shipbuilding.

Origin: f. Glu, L. Glus, akin to gluten, from gluere to draw together. Cf. Gluten.

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