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1. To catch in a trap.

2. To clear of seeds by a machine; as, to gin cotton.

Origin: Ginned; Ginning.

1. Contrivance; artifice; a trap; a snare.

2. A machine for raising or moving heavy weights, consisting of a tripod formed of poles united at the top, with a windlass, pulleys, ropes, etc.

(Science: chemical) a hoisting drum, usually vertical; a whim.

3. A machine for separating the seeds from cotton; a cotton gin.

The name is also given to an instrument of torture worked with screws, and to a pump moved by rotary sails. Gin block, a simple form of tackle block, having one wheel, over which a rope runs; called also whip gin, rubbish pulley, and monkey wheel. Gin power, a form of horse power for driving a cotton gin. Gin race, or gin ring, the path of the horse when putting a gin in motion. Gin saw, a saw used in a cotton gin for drawing the fibres through the grid, leaving the seed in the hopper. Gin wheel. In a cotton gin, a wheel for drawing the fibre through the grid; a brush wheel to clean away the lint.

(Science: chemical) The drum of a whim.

Origin: a contraction of engine.

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