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Origin: f. Geographie, l. Geographia, fr. Gr., the earth _ description, fr. To write, describe. See graphic.

1. (Science: study) The science which treats of the world and its inhabitants; a description of the earth, or a portion of the earth, including its structure, fetures, products, political divisions, and the people by whom it is inhabited.

2. A treatise on this science. Astronomical, or mathematical, geography treats of the earth as a planet, of its shape, its size, its lines of latitude and longitude, its zones, and the phenomena due to to the earth's diurnal and annual motions. Physical geography treats of the conformation of the earth's surface, of the distribution of land and water, of minerals, plants, animals, etc, and applies the principles of physics to the explanation of the diversities of climate, productions, etc. Political geography treats of the different countries into which earth is divided with regard to political and social and institutions and conditions.

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... of other options to choose from, here's one: We are the result of a naturalistic process in which life adapted to it's environment (climate, geography, flora, fauna, etc) and the selective pressures it imposed on the ancestors of our extant lineage, thus we are a direct result of the conditions ...

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... forms 2) Homologies a) Homologous anatomy b) Results of comparative anatomy c) Developmental homology, embryos etc. d) Cellular homologies 3) Bio-geography, spread of animals 4) Nested Hierarchy 6) Summarize findings and field questions. Is this too elaborate for people with no understanding of ...

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... to a higher level. I would recommend going to a university that offers the additional chemitry modules. sometimes they will accept maths/ physics/ geography/ psychology etc as an additional science (but my guess is that they would have to be higher), but again you will have to talk to the university ...

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... variation in organisms came from. The theory of evolution is based on parts of many disciplines: genetics, biology, biochemistry, paleontology, geography, geology, chemistry, physics. Natural selection is only one part of the theory. Point 4) makes this mistake. New species are created by mutation, ...

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Well, don't you consider china a developed country? I guess it's mostly based on the cultures & the culture of a country is related to geography things. Those from warm places are usually much lazier! (I'm not joking)

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