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Genotypic ratio



Pattern of offspring distribution according to genotype (i.e. the genetic constitution determining the phenotype of an organism)


The genotypic ratio describes the number of times a genotype would appear in the offspring after a test cross. For example, a test cross between two organisms with same genotype, Rr, for a heterozygous dominant trait will result in offspring with genotypes: RR, Rr, and rr. And in this example, the predicted genotypic ratio is 1:2:1.


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genotypic ratio and phenotypic ratio

Ok what would the genotype ratio and phenotype ratio be in the problem below RT Rt rT rt Rt RRTt RRtt RrTt Rrtt Rt RRTt RRtt RrTt Rrtt Rt RRTt RRtt RrTt Rrtt Rt RRTt RRtt RrTt Rrtt R round r wrinkled T tall t short

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Mendel's Law

Having issues with determining the ratio. Describe the phenotypic and genotypic ratios for the F2 generation if pea plants with restricted yellow pods are crossed with true-breeding ...

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genotypic & phenotypic ratios?

after crossing I have: re re re re (neither is dominant) how do I find the ratio?

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assignment help: genetic cross

... on. After you have done all the possibilities to fill the table in your genotypic ratio should be 9:3:3:1 (9 curve and hair, 3 straight and hair, 3 curve and no hair, 1 straight ...

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Punnet Square - Monohybrid Out-Cross

... dpy-5(e61) / dpy-5(e61) Male: dpy-5(e61) / dpy-5(+) I've gotten the genotypic ratio of the F1s (2 dpy-5(e61) : 2 dpy-5(+)), and phenotypic ratio of 1:1 (assuming dpy-5(e61) ...

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Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:00 am
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Topic: Punnet Square - Monohybrid Out-Cross
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