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Gated ion channel

Gated ion channel

(Science: physiology) transmembrane proteins of excitable cells, that allow a flux of ions to pass only under defined circumstances. Channels may be either voltage gated, such as the sodium channel of neurons or ligand gated such as the acetylcholine receptor of cholinergic synapses. Channels tend to be relatively ion specific and allow fluxes of typically 1000 ions to pass in around 1ms, they are thus much faster at moving ions across a membrane than transport atpases.

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... 3. In the resting, unstimulated neuron, activation gates of most sodium channel are____ inactivation gates of most sodium channels are_____ and activation gates of most voltage-gated potassium channels are ______. A. closed; open; closed B. closed; open; open C. ...

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Re: The Physics of how the Myelin Sheath actually works.

... faster where the wrapping is. Ahh, so there are still a ton of voltage gated Na+ gates down the myelinated portion of the channel, it's just that these function a lot faster? That makes a lot more sense now, thanks! ...

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... a hyperpolarisation of the plasma membrane, which opens a voltage-gated potassium channel, making potassium enter the cell. Then, as it can be seen from Dave's animation, water ...

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Na/K ATP-ase Reversal

I am not sure with your question but I tried to tell this, maybe can explain you ... be found inside the cell. Both Na+ and K+ have channel, which is voltage-gated. When there is an adequate stimulus, Na+ channel will ...

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... compressed. These nerves respond to compression. Voltage gated ion channels, located on the axon, open up. Sodium ions (positively charged) ...

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