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Dictionary » G » Gate



1. A way; a path; a road; a street (as in Highgate). I was going to be an honest man; but the devil has this very day flung first a lawyer, and then a woman, in my gate. (Sir W. Scott)

2. Manner; gait.

Origin: Icel. Gata; akin to SW. Gata street, lane, dan. Gade, goth. Gatwo, g. Gasse. Cf. Gate a door, gait.

1. A large door or passageway in the wall of a city, of an inclosed field or place, or of a grand edifice, etc.; also, the movable structure of timber, metal, etc, by which the passage can be closed.

2. An opening for passage in any inclosing wall, fence, or barrier; or the suspended framework which closes or opens a passage. Also, figuratively, a means or way of entrance or of exit. Knowest thou the way to Dover? Both stile and gate, horse way and footpath. (Shak) Opening a gate for a long war. (Knolles)

3. A door, valve, or other device, for stopping the passage of water through a dam, lock, pipe, etc.

4. The places which command the entrances or access; hence, place of vantage; power; might. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matt. Xvi. 18)

5. In a lock tumbler, the opening for the stump of the bolt to pass through or into.

6. The channel or opening through which metal is poured into the mold; the ingate. The waste piece of bd8 metal cast in the opening; a sprue or sullage piece.

alternative forms: geat and git] gate chamber, a recess in the side wall of a canal lock, which receives the opened gate. Gate channel. See gate. Gate hook, the hook-formed piece of a gate hinge. Gate money, entrance money for admission to an inclosure. Gate tender, one in charge of a gate, as at a railroad crossing. Gate valva, a stop valve for a pipe, having a sliding gate which affords a straight passageway when open.

(Science: anatomy) gate vein, to enter a college inclosure after the hour to which a student has been restricted. To stand in the gate, or gates, to occupy places or advantage, power, or defense.

Origin: oe. Et, eat, giat, gate, door, as. Geat, gat, gate, door; akin to os, D, & Icel. Gat opening, hole, and perh. To E. Gate a way, gait, and get, v. Cf. Gate a way in the wall, 3d get.

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