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noun, plural: ganglia

(1) (anatomy) A mass of nerve cell bodies outside the central nervous system.

(2) (neuroanatomy) A cluster of interconnecting nerve cells outside the brain.

(3) A benign cyst found on aponeurosis or tendon, usually at the wrist or dorsum of the foot.


In vertebrates the ganglia are located outside the brain or spinal cord.

There are two major groups of ganglia:

Word origin: From Greek, cystlike tumor, nerve bundle.
Related forms: ganglial (‘’adjective’’)

Related terms:

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... The skin is connected to the primary somatosensory cortex through afferent (receving information) neurons. As I understand it, there is only one ganglion connecting the central nervous system to the skin, unlike the ganglia of the autonomic nervous system where there is a separate preganglionic ...

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It probably formed from nerves; see worm's ganglia/ganglion.

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