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noun, plural: gametes

(1) A reproductive cell or sex cell that contains the haploid set of chromosomes, e.g. spermatozoon or sperm cell (male reproductive cell) and egg cell or ovum (female reproductive cell).

(2) A mature haploid reproductive cell as produced by gametogenesis, a process involving meiosis

(3) A cell that fuses with another reproductive cell of the opposite sex during fertilization forming a zygote that develops into a new individual.


In certain organisms, like humans, there are two morphologically distinct types of gametes: the male gamete (sperm cell) which is generally smaller and motile and the female gamete (ovum) which is larger and nonmotile. This condition is called anisogamy, or heterogamy, wherein the female and male gametes are of different sizes. Isogamy, in contrast, is the condition wherein both sexes are of the same size.

Word origin: Ancient Greek γαμετης; translated gamete = wife, gametes = husband.

Derived terms: gametic (adjective), gametocyte (noun), gametophyte (noun), gametophobia (noun).

Synonym: sex cell, reproductive cell.
See also: gametogenesis, meiosis, syngamy.

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mitosis and miosis

In a nutshell: Mitosis- The division of a cell to create two identical new cells. Meiosis- The division of a cell into a gamete, carrying half the genetic DNA of a normal cell, to fertilize another gamete (Example, sperm fertilizing an egg)

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By 'compatible' I mean able to form a zygote that results in a fertile , viable offspring. my emphasis

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Human Gamete Compatibility Going Backwards

If one could take a human gamete from today and 'test' it for compatibility against every birth of every creature starting at the most recent birth and going backward in time, would one reach a first-to-produce a compatible gamete individual? ...

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Re: Am I the Next Step in Human Evolution?

... in survival and reproduction, than yes, overtime the genes which help in such pursuits will be passed on if they make it into the fertilizing gamete. But there is no guarantee of this. And I don't think what you are experiencing is so rare so it could very well be the result of selection.

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... of alleles for a particular trait. These alleles are present on homologous chromosomes. Segregation means that these alleles are separated during gamete formation and there is only one allele in a gamete, not both. Independent assortment states that one allele does not affect the assortment (into ...

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