1. Fleeing from pursuit, danger, restraint, etc, escaping, from service, duty etc.; as, a fugitive solder; a fugitive slave; a fugitive debtor. The fugitive Parthians follow. (Shak) Can a fugitive daughter enjoy herself while her parents are in tear? (Richardson) A libellous pamphlet of a fugitive physician. (Sir H. Wotton)

2. Not fixed; not durable; liable to disappear or fall away; volatile; uncertain; evanescent; liable to fade; applied to material and immaterial things; as, fugitive colours; a fugitive idea. The me more tender and fugitive parts, the leaves . . . Of vegatables. (Woodward) fugitive compositions, Such as are short and occasional, and so published that they quickly escape notice.

Synonym: Fleeting, unstable, wandering, uncertain, volatile, fugacious, fleeing, evanescent.

Origin: oe. Fugitif, f. Fugitif, fr. L. Fugitivus, fr. Fugere to flee. See bow to bend, and cf. Feverfew.

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