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1. To construct by fitting and uniting the several parts of the skeleton of any structure; specifically, in woodwork, to put together by cutting parts of one member to fit parts of another. See dovetail, Halve, v. T, Miter, tenon, tooth, tusk, scarf, and Splice.

2. To originate; to plan; to devise; to contrive; to compose; in a bad sense, to invent or fabricate, as something false. How many excellent reasonings are framed in the mind of a man of wisdom and study in a length of years. (i. Watts)

3. To fit to something else, or for some specific end; to adjust; to regulate; to shape; to conform. And frame my face to all occasions. (Shak) We may in some measure frame our minds for the reception of happiness. (Landor) The human mind is framed to be influenced. (i. Taylor)

1. Anything composed of parts fitted and united together; a fabric; a structure; especially, the constructional system, whether of timber or metal, that gives to a building, vessel, etc, its model and strength; the skeleton of a structure. These are thy glorius works, parent of good, Almighty! thine this universal frame. (Milton)

2. The bodily structure; physical constitution; make or build of a person. Some bloody passion shakes your very frame. (Shak) No frames could be strong enough to endure it. (Prescott)

3. A kind of open case or structure made for admitting, inclosing, or supporting things, as that which incloses or contains a window, door, picture, etc.; that on which anything is held or stretched; as: The skeleton structure which supports the boiler and machinery of a locomotive upon its wheels.

a molding box or flask, which being filled with sand serves as a mold for castings.

4. (Science: machinery) a term applied, especially in England, to certain machines built upon or within framework; as, a stocking frame; lace frame; spinning frame, etc.

5. Form; shape; proportion; scheme; structure; constitution; system; as, a frameof government. She that hath a heart of that fine frame to pay this debt of love but to a brother. (Shak) Put your discourse into some frame. (Shak)

6. Particular state or disposition, as of the mind; humor; temper; mood; as, to be always in a happy frame. Alternative names for the body of a human being; Leonardo studied the human body; he has a strong physique; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

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... of how to fire up objects with your psychic powers, the everyone second thoughts you take to back is, you from to method a portion to attain that frame kalendarze ksiazkowe Legnica working the essence you can deem of nothing but the intention itself. Suffer past practicing this as multitudinous ...

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... c-value paradox or about the recent results of actual DNA sequences, one should reasonably expect to see this accumulation, given the Darwinian framework. ) A compelling starting point could be the genome of a sponge. This creature is one of the most simple multicellular organisms. However, ...

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... and an anus, just like that? My spider sense is tingling... are you sure this is not just another ID/creationist plot? Well, at least the time frame suggested is more than six thousand years. Other than that this makes little sense.

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