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Facilitated transport



A form of passive transport in which materials are moved across the plasma membrane by a transport protein down their concentration gradient ; hence, it does not require energy.


Examples are transport of polar molecules across the membrane by proteins that form transmembrane channels, and transport of large molecules like glucose by the conformational change of carrier proteins.

Synonym: facilitated diffusion.
Compare: active transport.
See also: passive transport, diffusion, carrier protein.

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Quick Question Here... Which type of transport relied on the driving energy of a gradient? a. Active b. Facilitated c. Passive d. Pumped e. ATP mediated

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In and out cell help

for each you have to ask - does someone help them as in active transport? Do they move freely as in simple diffusion or do they use only restricted place to pass as in facilitated diffusion?

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In and out cell help

... doors open and people first start moving into the theatre, which transport process does this most resemble (simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion, or active transport) AND WHY? 2) An hour later, the same theatre is ...

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Need help with Plasma Membrane

... keeps some things out. The major function is to protect the cell and transport of substances/molecules. There is passive transport which requires ... diffusion is where substances pass through the phospholipid layer, and facilitated diffusion is when it passes through the proteins. Do I have this ...

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Passive Transport

Very easy. Passive transport is the movement of materials without using the cell's energy. Some examples would be osmosis, diffusion, and facilitated diffusion. Hope this helps.

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