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noun, plural: evolutions

(1) The change in genetic composition of a population over successive generations, which may be caused by natural selection, inbreeding, hybridization, or mutation.

(2) The sequence of events depicting the evolutionary development of a species or of a group of related organisms; phylogeny.


In order for evolution to occur, there must be genetic variation. Genetic variation brings about evolution. Without it there will be no evolution. There are two major mechanisms that drive evolution. First is natural selection. Individuals with advantageous traits are more likely to reproduce successfully, passing these traits to the next generation. This kind of evolution driven by natural selection is called adaptive evolution. Another mechanism involves genetic drift, which produces random changes in the frequency of traits in a population. Evolution that arises from genetic drift is called neutral evolution.

Word origin: Latin evolutio (“an unrolling, unfolding”), ex- (“from, out of”) + volere (“to roll”).

See also: Darwinism.

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I don't understand how there could be any difference between micro and macro evolution. Surely any life form large enough to contain genes would evolve in exactly the same way? The genes don't really care how big an organism is going to grow. Their job is simply ...

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... רק אם הצליחה "לבלוע" אנרגיה. אם אינה "מצליחה" להשיג אנרגיה היא נבלעת ע"י תצורת חומר אחרת ומשמשת לה אנרגיה. אכול או היאכל. Evolution Derives From Gravity The quantity of mass in the universe is constant since the universe started its last self-replication, since its last ...

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... "bottleneck" may have been involved in the original settlement of Europe http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/02/080220-dna-evolution.html

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A question about evolution.

That's multiple questions. Was the blueprint of all biological features in the first cell? No, if you believe in evolution from single cell to multicellular organisms. What makes a living thing develop these features? Genetic program. Think of it as a computer program that starts ...

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A question about evolution.

... environments also? How does it know which feature to develop? Does it analyze the surroundings before starting to develop the feature? How does evolution work ? Thanks

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