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noun, plural: eukaryotes

Any of the single-celled or multicellular organisms whose cell contains a distinct, membrane-bound nucleus.


Organisms such as animals, plants, fungi, and protists are examples of eukaryotes because their cells are organized into compartmentalized structures called organelles, the nucleus in particular. The presence of a distinct nucleus encased within membranes differentiates the eukaryotes from the prokaryotes. The eukaryotes are also known for having cytoplasmic organelles apart from nucleus, such as mitochondria, chloroplasts and Golgi bodies. Eukaryotes often have unique flagella made of microtubules in a 9+2 arrangement.

Word origin: Greek eu- (good-, well-, true) + káry(on) (nut, kernel).

Related forms: eukaryotic (adjective).

Compare: prokaryote.

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... more specificity is required in modern terminology because of the abundance of new information. Prokaryotes are not multicellular in the way that eukaryotes are (which is often what people mean by the term), but the distinction is not as simple to define as it is to 'intuitively conceptualizer.' ...

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Why must we avert the genome of Eden?

... gene transfer to the data (another ad hoc adjustment), but though a very frequent HGT is probable amongst microbes, one must extend it to complex eukaryotes to explain away the genome of eden, and then it is much less probable. Interestingly it seems Prof Doolittle and most of the other biologists ...

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What are prokayotes and eukaryote? http://www.understandbiology.com/2012/12/prokaryotes-and-eukaryotes.html Difference between prokaryotes and Eukaryotes http://www.understandbiology.com/2012/12/prokaryotes-and-eukaryotes.html

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meiome and genome

I thought eukaryote genetic inheritance came simply from the adding together of (recombinant) haploid chromosomes in the new zygote. But there is a lot of RNA involved? A crowd of unique proteins and mRNA in addition to the chromosomes ...

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... you need some proofs. So far abiogenesis looks better then God. All of the DATA that supports "tree of life" - first prokaryote, than eukaryote that somehow swallowed prokaryote giving us mitochondria and giving plants chloroplasts can be interpreted in the OPPOSITE direction. If you ...

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