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1. An eating away, destruction of the surface of a tissue, material or structure.

2. Progressive loss of the hard substance of a tooth by chemical processes that do not involve bacterial action.

See: abrasion.

3. A gradual breakdown or very shallow ulceration of the skin which involves only the epidermis and heals without scarring.

Origin: L. Erosio, from erodere = to eat out

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... - planted forestry is a billion dollar industry that provides work for masses of people, they help to prevent floods and stabilize soil to prevent erosion, take up CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in plant tissue, and trap sediment and nutrients to prevent them entering waterways which helps ...

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... forms between different types are detectable. Usually, this pattern is attributed to cladogenesis compressed in time, combined with the inevitable erosion of the phylogenetic signal.

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Evolution: evidence of change

... form, so they wouldnt be able to determine the actual age of the fossils, the depth of the layers can vary each year, and natural causes, such as erosion or earthquakes change the layers of sediment. what are some problems faced by paleontologists when reconstructing the history of life on earth? ...

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... of the early Earth was cool and wet—not the roiling inferno that some theories and asteroid crater observations suggest Low and smoothed by erosion, the Jack Hills aren’t too impressive as a mountain range. But mineral crystals have weathered out of the Jack Hills and washed into streams, ...

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... the sidewalk and can infer that it was made by someone with intelligence (intelligent designer) because its design (wasn't the result of years of erosion, rain, wind, etc). OK, now lets assume that you put the shoes on and walk around in them but you notice some flaws....there is too big of an ...

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