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Equatorial division

Equatorial division

nuclear Division in which each chromosome divides equally.

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... to store enough energy to drive the chemical processes during the cell division. During this period of time, there is intense cellular activity. ... the centromeres of the chromosomes and align the the chromosomes at the equatorial plate. 4. Anaphase The spindle fibres shorten and the centromere ...

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by HerrBiologie
Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:16 am
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Re: Meiosis = extreme confusion. Please help!

Meiosis comprises two successive nuclear divisions with only one round of DNA replication. Four stages can be described for ... the latter part of this stage. Metaphase 1: Homologous chromosomes align at the equatorial plate. Anaphase 1: Homologous pairs separate with sister chromatids remaining ...

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by kyra13
Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:49 am
Forum: Cell Biology
Topic: Meiosis = extreme confusion. Please help!
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Metaphase Stages and the Equatorial Region

... The question is. We know that during metaphase stages of cell division chromosomes lined up at the equatrial region. Why in the supplied mitotic metaphase and chromosomes do not appear at the equatorial plate? Thank you in advance for assistance. Regards, Nehka

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by bio101student
Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:10 pm
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Topic: Metaphase Stages and the Equatorial Region
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Cell Cycle

... cells which are not involved in reproduction they replicate by mitotic division it is carried out by main to phases. a. Karyokinesis or division ... both the poles 2. Metaphase - In this phase the chromosomes come to the equatorial plane and the spindle fibre get attached to the centromere 3. ...

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by asutoshsahu
Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:11 am
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Topic: Cell Cycle
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Global Crayfish Distribution and Interspecific Competition

... on both sides of Wallace's Line, New Guinea (and its respective division), and Australia (Austronesian zone); numerous isles of the southern and sub-equatorial northern Pacific Oceans (in rough correlation to those isles of the Polynesian ...

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by Shagreen
Fri Mar 25, 2005 12:56 am
Forum: Zoology Discussion
Topic: Global Crayfish Distribution and Interspecific Competition
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