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Epistasis is the interaction between the genes at two or more loci, so that the phenotype differs from what would be expected if the loci were expressed independently. The gene whose phenotype is expressed is said to be epistatic, while the phenotype altered or suppressed is said to be hypostatic.Epistasis is the process of a gene being masked by a mutation.

Example of Epistasis Although the gene for male-pattern baldness is not located on the X chromosome, the sex of the individual determines whether the allele for baldness is dominant or recessive. In males the baldness allele is dominant while in females the baldness allele is recessive. Here, the baldness allele will be represented by B' while the non-baldness alleles will be represented by B.

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I have been sitting on this idea for a couple months, and I would appreciate some commentary. I recently learned about epistasis and genetic heterogeneity . Apparently, you can get similar phenotypic results from mutations in different genes that are part of the same biological pathway. ...

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... yellow peel and 29 with transparent peel. Explain the system that determines the peel color. Those numbers are 1:15, so i thought about dominant epistasis, but now that i think of it there isn't new phenotypes so I don't think this is the answer.

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There are two options either Dominant epistasis with ratio 12:3:1 or Recessive epistasis with ratio 9:3:4. According to the options given it is Recessive epistasis. the ans are 1. How many purple kernel would you expect to find? Ans. 900 2. ...

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... black/white Bb pure white bb 3) you have 3 phenotypes present in these mice what genetic condition would result in this kind of segregation? ans: epistasis, but I am not sure and I don't think it's right.

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genetic interaction between essential genes

If I want to do epistasis analysis between two genes in drosophila and one of them is an essential gene, how would Igo about doing that?

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