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1. That which envelops, wraps up, encases, or surrounds; a wrapper; an inclosing cover; especially, the cover or wrapper of a document, as of a letter.

2. (Science: astronomy) The nebulous covering of the head or nucleus of a comet; called also coma.

3. A work of earth, in the form of a single parapet or of a small rampart. It is sometimes raised in the ditch and sometimes beyond it.

4. (Science: geometry) a curve or surface which is tangent to each member of a system of curves or surfaces, the form and position of the members of the system being allowed to vary according to some continuous law. Thus, any curve is the envelope of its tangents. 4. A set of limits for the performance capabilities of some type of machine, originally used to refer to aircraft. Now also used metaphorically to refer to capabilities of any system in general, including human organizations, especially. In the phrase push the envelope. It is used to refer to the maximum performance available at the current state of the technology, and therefore refers to a class of machines in general, not a specific machine. Push the envelope increase the capability of some type of machine or system; usu. By technological development.

Origin: f. Enveloppe.

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everybody undeveloped to the sunna harridan and baggage fact

... Years you are done, elaborate on a layer of divulge centre wrap during the despatch of the whack and organize put an end to the flaps. Convey the envelop a convivial unperturbed tablice reklamowe katowice shimmy to surcease if anything. If yes, then you requirement to display more cushioning in ...

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Body farm

Why not. It helps science and police. And once yo're dead, your body is just an empty envelop. You can burn it, let it rot underground, or have it be used for good like organ donation, helping new doctors to learn their craft, or forensic science. But I have no idea ...

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Re: Trap for viruses...

I've completely forgotten that viral envelop proteins stays in the membrane... :) These proteins can make more difficult entering more viruses to already infected cell (they could infect different cell and it affects very precise infection ...

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Meioisis and Mitosis

... are not prone to disease, mutation, or when an individual wants to pass their entire genome (not only half) to its offspring. Prophase: nuclear envelop disappears. Prior to prophase chromosomes replicate (interphase). Chromosomes are "random" with respect to each other in cell. Metaphase: chromosomes ...

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